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Nespresso subscription - what's the catch?

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Waxy666Waxy666 Forumite
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edited 21 February 2021 at 7:08AM in Shop but don't drop
I've been looking at this for a couple of weeks, and can't work out what the catch is!

I drink nespresso pods, I know there are cheaper alternatives available but I like their coffee (and didn't like a whole range of cheaper alternatives I tried) so I splash on the luxury.  There is a subscription service they have started offering - for example, you pay £20 per month and each month you get £22 credit (10% uplift).  You can use the credit to buy coffee (or anything from the N store).  As far as I can see in the T&C credit rolls up if you don't spend it in the current month and stays valid on your account for 2 years after you cancel the subscription. You can cancel anytime.

So what is the catch? I guess it ties me to Nespresso, but if I was going to buy the coffee anyway does the subscription just mean I get an extra 10% free?  Anyone else got experience of this or reasons I shouldn't sign up?


  • djp64djp64 Forumite
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    I thought the same but looked at all the T&Cs and couldn't see a catch so I subscribed.  So far (1 year in) there are no catches.  You get the 10% extra credited to your account and once you reach certain levels of capsule purchase you get additional benefits (free descaler, 25% off a new machine, once a year sale with good discounts etc).  I researched Nespresso capsule prices elsewhere and their prices are competitive and delivery is very often next day.  Another bonus is that you can also book capsule recycling collections at the same time
    The only 'catch' is that you are tied in to buying their capsules.  Like you I prefer theirs so it wasn't a catch for me.
  • So what is the price per cup over the year?
    I know the average for tassimo is 25p worked out from 16 / £4 average sellling price. 
  • Waxy666Waxy666 Forumite
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    Thanks @djp64 - now I just have to resist the temptation of getting a shiny £1 Vertuo machine instead of the 10% discount.

    @Deleted_User Price per cup... the original pods are between 35p and 42p each depending on blend, (less 10% if you get the subscription - so 31.5p to 37.8p).  The cheaper style ones I tried avg. around 25p per pod.  That's just the coffee obviously, no idea about the electric usage or other factors of a Nespresso machine vs other brands.  A chunk more than instant espresso powder (about 10p?) but a heap less than Starbucks!
  • carlycarly Forumite
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    Check the length of time you are tied into the scheme for.  It used to be 12 months if it was a coffee pod subscription and 24 months minimum if you took advantage of the £1 machine offer.  Things may have changed since I had my machine but it will be in the T and C's.     If you want to cancel during the minimum term then there is a cancellation charge.  The amount of this is  explained in the terms
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    seatbeltnoobseatbeltnoob Forumite
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    if you love coffee as much as you claim - you should get yourself a espresso machine that wil ldo bean to cup and make your own drinks. I've had friends with those nespreso machines - they are midway between proper espresso coffee and instant coffee.
    It will be cheaper as well.

  • Waxy666Waxy666 Forumite
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    It's a good shout @seatbeltnoob I used to have a bean-to-cup about 10 or so years ago which was about the size of a bus and sounded like the world was ending, then broke down after 18 months (got the nespresso to replace it - still working!).  I suspect they might have moved on a bit since then.  Back to the research - I wasn't planning on getting a new machine, but given I drink coffee everyday if the cost savings work on the coffee it would pay for itself over time. 
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