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    and I would just add that different foods affect different folk in different ways- research can't always prove that.
    I find that if I have dairy- specifically any cow's milk products then joints are more swollen.
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    Appreciate helpfulness of the posts.  Food for thought.
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    Scot22 said:
    Appreciate helpfulness of the posts.  Food for thought.
    But maybe not tomatoes... :)

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    Sadly there is no cure for arthritis. 
     If you've got to point that you've that you've been offered a joint replacement it must be bad, doctors explore every other option available before offering joint replacement.  A friend of mine did have some sort of injection into her knee at hospital several years ago, it was something that they injected to cushion the joints, to sort of fill in between to cushion the joint, stop the bone on bone rubbing, (I'm assuming it's OA your talking about), she said it helped a lot, but they don't do it now down to cost, I think you can have it done privately.  My friend was told she's too young to have a joint replacement, because of pain in her knee she started walking differently and now she's got problems with her hips.

    My husbands got OA in his knees, he's had a few steroid injections in his worst knee and they have been very successful.  He also takes a glucosamine tablet and some turmeric tablets everyday too.  Do they help?  May do, but he's still in a lot of pain. He does exercise a lot, cross trainer everyday and we try to walk everyday, weather permitting.  If you build up your muscles supporting your joints it helps a lot, also with recovery when you do have a replacement.  If your overweight it helps to lose weight, I've read that for every one pound you are overweight, it puts four pounds of extra pressure on your knees.

    As for diet and any other miracle cure being pushed or sold on the internet.  I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, was diagnosed with it in 2008.  I belong to a few groups and newly diagnosed people ask if there is any diet or supplements you can take and not prescribed drugs ( they are really toxic drugs believe me), sadly for us there is no wonder cure, the same as OA.  Diet yes, I'm all for having a healthy diet, but I've read various posts of people spending a lot of money on special diets and cures and nothing worked. 

    I wish you well. 
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    My mum saw a homeopath years ago who told her to cut out coffee (she drank a lot) and switch to goats milk. Also to take devils claw. May have been pacebo, but she swore it helped her and if she ever relapsed to coffee and cows milk she'd noticed it.
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    In Dec 2019 I started getting excrutiating knee pain, first in my right then left. Fast forward a couple of months all my joints started aching and I was just ready to give in, I'm only in my early 30s. Went to numerous blood tests and eventually to rheumatology however they basically said i have all the symptoms and blood tests show some indication of RA however no swelling of joints therefore they cant help.
    Since then I have been using different methods to combat pain ie below:
    - diet change - less sugar, fat etc. i ate healthy anyways but just a bit more now. You can try elimination diets, i came accross AIP diet, unfortunately diet is very limited and i lasted about five days before i wanted to eat my desk at work...
    - Turmeric - i heard this is good for joint inflammation, i keep taking daily pills now, my dose is 800mg.
    I dont know whether it is all of these but now I have very little pain and mainly in knees and ankles.  I even started running last summer so here is hoping good luck continues.

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    As others have said there's no "cure" but its about management. I take turmeric, devils claw, cbd gels, cod liver oil and green lipped mussel. Sounds a lot but I've done a bit of mixing and matching to see what works for me. Maybe it's a placebo, I don't know. 

    I also use a tens machine a few times a day to try and avoid painkillers wherever I can. That may or may not be suitable for you depending on where your pain is - it's fine for my back but not  sure I would fancy using it around the knee area! I'd also agree with trying to eliminate certain foods and also trying to lose a bit of weight (easier said than done sometimes when you're in chronic pain).

    It's worth trying to have a chat with your consultant/doctor to see if there's anything you can do while you're waiting for a joint replacement e.g. steroid injections, prolotherapy, PRP. They might say no but always worth a chat as waiting lists are so long. 
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