Apologies of this has been asked elsewhere and I haven't spotted it.
I have £50-£100 of rail vouchers after a couple of long journeys were delayed in February/March last year. I'm usually a regular train traveller but since then I've barely been on a train and haven't used the vouchers. I'm wondering whether these can be extended but am struggling to find any consistent information. LNER have a page that seems to give a clear answer (https://www.lner.co.uk/faq/coronavirus-travel-information-faqs/rail-travel-vouchers-during-coronavirus/) but my vouchers weren't from then! Is this another one of those things where it will vary by company rather than there being a blanket policy? I'm happy to contact the relevant train companies directly (GWR and Cross Country) if I still can't find the information, but just wondering if anyone had already done this.
To be honest I expected that there would be no extension to the vouchers because trains have been running during the year, so LNER's policy seems quite reasonable.

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