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Last January 2020 I booked and paid for 3 intensive revision courses from a tutoring company, paid £378, the courses were cancelled due to coronavirus and I have had several communications with the company, they say they have no money to refund anyone, they did offer a credit note but as my son was in 6th year there was no point. I gave the company time to refund but to no avail. In late September or October I requested a chargeback from my Tesco credit card which I had used to pay for it, last week they finally came back to me and said it was refused due to the company’s cancellation terms and conditions, I called Tesco and they said I would have had to apply by august and I did it too late. Is there any other way I could get this refund as I feel it is very unfair? 


  • You might be out of time with a chargeback - but did Tesco do a S75 claim? What were the cancellation terms you agreed to and I have to ask why a revision course could not be conducted online or by post?
    If you can go past my last sentence try again - citing service not received.
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    Thanks for replying, it referred to section 75 being rejected also in my email from Tesco, so I’m assuming they did this, though I didn’t request it as I didn’t know about it at the time. 
    I have no idea about the company’s cancellation terms and conditions, I will look into this. I just assumed that because it was the tutoring company who cancelled my booking they would need to refund, but apparently they have no funds to refund. The revision courses were completely cancelled, it was a group revision intensive course meant to take place in a university, when exams were cancelled they cancelled the courses. 
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    Complain to Tesco. Then take to Ombudsman. As a credit card was used there is a relatively strong level of protection. (It may of course be true that the tutoring company has no money given how 2020 turned out!)
  • Thanks, I will call Tesco and see what they say. I do genuinely think the tutoring company have no money, but, where did that money which was taken from hundreds of clients go? They have no overheads as they don’t have premises, I’m really sympathetic towards them as I am self employed in the wedding industry myself, and I have had to refund numerous customers their full amount out of our bounce back loan, I couldn’t have slept at night if I didn’t do this. I have not really worked now for almost 12 months and could really do with the refund. 
    I will try Tesco again and them the ombudsman. Thanks for the advice. 👍🏻
  • It might be worth looking up the tutoring company's Companies House information ( It will tell you what status the company is in (administration, liquidation, etc) and if you find that they are not in liquidation I don't see why they can't give your money back.

    If you're wanting to go down the route of maybe a small claims case I would make an appointment at the Strathclyde Law Clinic ( for some free legal advice. I used the service when I pursued a small claims case a few years ago and it was really helpful getting to chat to someone who can tell you where you stand legally.

    Best of luck!
  • Thank you, I will check companies house, I think they are still operating though, they did say they would put me on the list to get a refund, but it would be a very long time. Basically that I wouldn’t get it as they have no funds. 
    Thanks, I will take your advice. 
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