PPI claim company wanting money for deceased relative's claim

Hi, my father passed away around 6 years ago.  Last year we started getting letters from RBS informing us they were looking into a claim on behalf of my late father's PPI.  In December we received a payment from them which was cashed and shared between the dependants.  we have now received a letter from a PPI claim company asking for the cheque to be sent to them.  This is the first time we have heard from this company, I know my father did use a company to claim PPI many years ago so I can only assume it is in relation to that.  I just wondered how we stood legally with this as my father has passed away.  Has anyone else been in a similar situation? 


  • Ask them for a copy of the contract he signed.
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    If the estate owes the debt, the money needs to be provided from the estate - you'd only get away from that obligation was if the estate was essentially empty - but you freely admit you had the funds, so the estate owes the debt (assuming contract is ok etc)
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    Contracts cease on death although liabilities do not.   So, the estate owes the money and needs to reclaim from the beneficiaries of the estate.    The claims company can take the executor to court if it is not paid.
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