Documents/Statements to give to OR - what they will want and how far back?

I'm preparing to go bankrupt (will submit application in the next month).  My debts have snowballed over many many years (12 years plus).   Can you confirm how far back the OR will want me to go in providing documents as I want to start getting prepared.

Thanks very much.


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    If your debt is mostly over 2 years old you are unlikely to be asked for anything.

    But if you want to get prepped in advance, then get 2 years of bank statements.
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    My trustee asked for 2 years bank statements and 1 year credit card. 
    They can however go as far back as they need to but the examiner can collect direct from the bank 
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    I have just gone through the initial stages of my application.
    I had my interview with OR yesterday and it went very well. I`m self employed so he has asked to see my business bank statements from April 2020 to now as this gives an overview of my income and how covid has affected it. Not interested in credit card statements etc, seemed more concerned with reduced income over the last year.
    I should add that prior to 2020 i was going through cancer treatment , now in remission, so the two years have combined to put me into BR.

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