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The Moral Compass and Compensation claims companies

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The Moral Compass and Compensation claims companies

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I would like to share with you a recent incident and also to question the legallity of it.

End last year, my wife was involved in a very minor car incident. Another driver reversed out of a parking space and clipped the front bumper of my wife's car. Whilst at the time it looked a bit messy, on further inspection, there was only a few superficial scratches to the bumper. However the other driver's car did suffer some what more damage.
Anyway, once home, my wife reported it to her insurer and they asked her to upload photos to assess the damage. It was agreed that the car would be taken in to an accident repair shop to have it resolved.
Alll great so far. Wife got back a nice shiny valeted car, the bumper was not replaced but the scratches were polished out.

Earlier this week I get a call on my mobile from a company called First Response Legal team, asking to speak to my wife. As she was not with me, I asked them what it was regarding and to get them to call back later. This got me wondering, how did they have my number? When we looked deeper into this, the only source was through the vehicle repair company Gemini who had my number as an alternate contact number. The caller claimed the details were collated from the National accident register.
The First Response legal team called back today. Anyway the jist of the conversation is that my wife is entitled to Secondary discomfort payment sustained through the accident. However there was no discomfort. Later in the conversation, as we were acting very suprised that this was an available option, he was strongly advocating that my wife should be telling his solicitors that she sustained injury because the total cost of the accident repairs were sufficiently high enough to assume injury, and then went on to explain how similar accidents have resulted in thousands being awarded.

Our own moral compasses are saying no, but it really disgusts us that they are asking strongly that we should be fraudulent. I know many people would have different outcomes on this.
My issues are:
  1. The car repairers disclosing our personal details to either openly to this national database or someone within selling the details is in breach of the 2018 data protection act
  2. The First Response legal team encouraging us to commit fraud.
I would be interested in others views



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