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MSE Poll: How much data do you use on your mobile?

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MSE Poll: How much data do you use on your mobile?

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MSE_PetarMSE_Petar MSE Staff
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MSE Staff
Poll started 12 January 2021
Smartphones are an essential part of everyday life for many, with streaming, gaming, social networking and more all increasingly done on data-hungry mobiles. But with the pandemic leading many to spend more time at home (often on Wi-Fi), we want to see how much mobile data you now go through in a month.

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  • Super_StomperSuper_Stomper Forumite
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    I don't know how much data I use simply because, now I can't leave home, I use my mobile phone with my BT home Broadband on WiFi which has unlimited data so BT won't tell me how much I'm using. Very frustrating. 
  • chocaholicmancchocaholicmanc Forumite
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    I used to use less than 5g per month (mostly streaming music at work). But I got a great deal on a sim only this time last year for 100g for £20. And since lockdown I now use my data at home instead of the WiFi as its better and more reliable. There are so many devices connected to the WiFi it can be poor. 
  • ginger_chocolateginger_chocolate Forumite
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    The only time I ever use data is if I get lost somewhere with no wifi and have to briefly turn Google maps on to find out where I am! I've never really understood what the incentive is to pay extra for those unlimited data deals - I'm actually quite curious about what people use them for (maybe people who are on the road a lot?)
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    jbrassyjbrassy Forumite
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    edited 13 January at 10:59PM
    I have a phone contract which has up to 100GB data per month, but at the moment I'm using between 5-10GB because I'm WFH all the time and connected to the wi-fi. In normal times, I would use 10GB+ as I use 4G when out and about and in the office (I don't really want to use my employer's wi-fi and have them know what I look at on the internet). 

    Although I don't fully utilise my 100GB monthly allowance, I still value having such a high limit. During the lockdown while WFH, there have been occasions when my Virgin wi-fi has stopped working (sometimes for a few days) and I've had to tether off my phone to ensure I can carry on working. Therefore, I view having a large allowance as a safety net in case my home broadband stops working. 
  • cymruchriscymruchris Forumite
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    A missed opportunity on this poll - if they could have added one more question - 'How much data are you contracted/pay for?' - Would have been interesting to see what people pay for in comparison to what they actually use.

    I have a deal with O2 for £20 a month that gives me 150GB of data a month - but I rarely use more than 10gb. 

    I imagine there'll be some that use all of their allowance monthly - but it may be that the majority don't use what they pay for?

    I'm not bothered at £20 a month - and at 150gb I don't even have to worry about getting close to that kind of usage. 
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    hugheskevihugheskevi Forumite
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    A missed opportunity on this poll - if they could have added one more question - 'How much data are you contracted/pay for?' - Would have been interesting to see what people pay for in comparison to what they actually use.
    I have an older Smarty tariff, that notionally gives me 8GB a month for £13. I have never used more than 1.8 GB (going back to 2018).
    However, the tariff gives refunds for unused data, so the most I have ever paid is £7.26 (the least was £5.12). The tariff is effectively pay-as-you-go without any need to top-up due to the refund system. The 8 GB figure is irrelevant, as all data is charged at the same rate. In practice, it usually costs me £6 for 1GB of data, give or take a bit depending on exact usage.
    My wife pays £8 for 5 GB and uses very little most of the time - although her use was much higher until she connected to her work wi-fi.
    I find between home wi-fi, work wi-fi and hotel wi-fi there is very little need for data. I use it for navigation in car and when running for music. In more normal times I would use a small amount doing work on trains when travelling for work (occasional), but as that is mostly just e-mail it is almost irrelevant.
  • duncanthedogduncanthedog Forumite
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    Still the same as last time - None, I don't have a data capable phone. (refuse to call them smart)
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    Marvel1Marvel1 Forumite
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    No more than 2GB - hence I go for the cheapest sim deal.
  • jackieblackjackieblack Forumite
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    I’ve just checked and I’ve used 359MB of my 10GB allowance with a week of this month left. 
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  • EctophileEctophile Forumite
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    So far 0MB.  I only got a smartphone last week (before that it was a little Nokia).  I get a massive 210MB/week allowance, so I have been doing everything on the home WiFi.
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