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MSE Poll: How much data do you use on your mobile?

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  • Reminds of the mobile phone salesman story

    Yes sir your current plan is 20GB Data/Unlimited calls/Texts for £20 a month......but as a special deal i can offer you 40GB Data/Unlimited calls/Texts for £30 a month.
    He thinks wow double the data for only an extra £10......but then checks his data usage for last year and sees he was only using 4GB a month
  • oxroxxoxroxx Forumite
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    Got to love those voting "Don't Know".
    I set a data warning (2.5gb)on my phone and I never go over it.
  • consequencesconsequences Forumite
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    Everywhere has wifi.
    If I'm not somewhere that does then it means I'm either driving or enjoying myself with phone in pocket (in better times)
    So at the moment my usage is probably under 100mb

    Would quite like a plan with multiple sim cards attached to it, each sharing the calls/data package. For a fixed fee, not a per sim fee.
  • moneyworrier2021moneyworrier2021 Forumite
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    I'm more than happy with the deal my husband both have with SKY mobile. Both on Sim only plan of 8GB each for £6.40 each. Especially where i have been working from home, i'm using wifi so between us we have 62 GB of Rollover data banked
  • BobbinAlongBobbinAlong Forumite
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    I have 1Gb data and I only need it when I'm away from home and can't get onto a wifi so I rarely use any of it, but when I do it's a majority of the allowance. With non-existant signals at home from any network, I rely on the SureSignal connected to my home internet so can't use mobile data as a replacement for that!
  • jbrassyjbrassy Forumite
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    Everywhere has wifi. 

    Although lots of places have wi-fi these days, I'm slightly reluctant to use them due to the risks associated with public wi-fi hotspots:

    As long as I have decent phone signal, I will always use 4G instead of a public wi-fi hotspot. If you regularly use public wi-fi hotspots, it's probably worth investing in a VPN to protect yourself.  
  • SachakinsSachakins Forumite
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    I have an unlimited unrestricted speed minutes/text/data plan. 
    Over the past 8 months my usage for lowest month was around 98 gb, the highest was around 145gb.
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