Train two times a week

Not sure if this is the right place for this...

I’ve been offered a new job which will be 3 days working from home and 2 in the office in London (post lockdown!)

I live about 2 hours from the office door to door, so am thinking of doing my two days consecutively and staying overnight. 

My two questions are:

1) is there a better way of booking train tickets other them every week? I suppose I’m asking if there’s a sort of season ticket that works just for one journey each way per week. I know there was some chat about that sort of thing being introduced lately but perhaps not yet.

2) similarly (I know this isn’t transport but grateful for your thoughts) I was thinking of just booking a room in a premier inn/easyhotel type thing each week. Is there any better way of doing it? 

For some reason the thought of having to remember to book every Sunday night (or whenever) feels like more hassle than the journey itself! Of course I will sort my brain out if there’s no other easier way 😁


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    Carnet tickets are what you are looking for.  You need to check if the operator offers them for your journey.
    Air bnb for a room in a house share?
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    Presumably you are some way from London so will be able to use month return tickets. Many of the commuter fares nearer London are same day return only and single prices especially in peak times are silly money.
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    2 hours door to door gives a wide range of options. My daughter lives in Stafford and can get to her office in London in 2 hours because the train runs non-stop and takes 1h25m. On a route like that advance purchase singles are available well in advance and can render huge savings even for Monday mornings. Even better if there is competition. Using this example, and anytime return is £110, but taking slow trains (1h57m journey) and buying in advance, the fare is £30. Or you might be coming from Bristol 1h38m where the Anytime return is £224. If you say what the journey is someone may be able to advise.
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    You cannot aways rely on getting cheap deals at Premier Inn/Travel Lodge as they work on dynamic pricing unless of course you are open to advance booking and staying anywhere within normal commute, eg Croydon or the airports. You might wish to try airbnb or a colleague offerring one night accommodation.
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    what's the journey?
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