Quality music system upgrade for nothing with streamed music from around the world !

fancy a sonos or new wifi system to listen to music. me too. Too expensive ? 
Yes it is!
I did some digging , and used whatever I had available to join the jet set, AND my sound quality is amazing. (better than sonos)
I already had amazon prime for the tv. I also had an amazon Alexa echo dot thing donated to me for £0.
I noticed that there was a 3.5mm output jack on the echo dot. So I dug out my old amplifier from under the bed, found a dusty cable from another drawer, fitted up my old floor standing speakers , and plugged it all in. Well a Wifi streaming system was had for zero cost !
The sound is amazing. The Alexa app is a bit basic, but you can adjust bass\treble, and link other devices in your home too. then I just shout at Alexa to change tunes or adjust volume.
You don't get every song unless you pay for a fancy deezer or Apple Music, but the basic list from amazon is sufficient. You can also play BBC sounds through the amazon app. as well as your own music on your phone by bluetooth.
Even if you have too buy an echo dot, you can pick them up for £20. Link it to your wifi, plug it into your old sound system (which will likely sound better anyway), and away you go......
So don't waste your money on new tech ! Recycle.....


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