Gums feel rough after teeth extraction?

Hi all. About 3 weeks ago I had 2 bottom right molars removed. The gap seems to be healing fine but the outside of the gums (facing the inside of the mouth) have started to feel really rough and my tongue isn't taking too kindly to the predicament.

That rough bit seems to have white patches too. I phoned the dentist and the receptionist just asked me to use mouthwash. I've been using saltwater now and again but no joy.

I finally managed an appointment in a few days time, but I want to know if it's a minor issue which some antibiotics will cure.



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    A bit of an addition:

    I think I know what the cause is. When I sleep on either side, the tongue seems to push against the gum and it's putting a bit of pressure on the area where the problem is.

    I'll try to sleep with my head slightly elevated and see if there's any improvement.
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    Could be left behind minute particles of plaque working their way out from below the gum line. I know I had great fun (not!) teasing it out with my tongue!
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    Hi, I had what I class as a really minor dental problem just before Christmas - one of my back teeth broke and the edges were very sharp so rubbed on my tongue and made it sore. I went to the dentist as soon as I could but the receptionist asked if I'd tried filing the tooth with an emery board!! I said no and I wasn't going to either. I had forgotten that years ago my dentist who has now retired put a pin in that tooth - I never really knew why - so no amount of filing with anything would have helped. 

    Anyhoo, upshot was I thought he'd remove the tooth but no, he said no probs, he'd built it up. But it seemed to take absolutely ages for everything to heal. Particularly the tongue. So what I'm trying to say is that I don't think 3 weeks is a long time after two extractions and you're doing the right thing going back to see what the dentist can do. In my experience (I was thinking I had cancer inside my cheeks and all kinds of horrible things because it just wasn't healing . . . Salt water didn't help but Colgate Peroxyl mouthwash did - that was recommended by my old dentist years ago and it's not as cheap as some but it is really good.)

    I really do think yours is a minor issue but your dentist will be able to help. Don't worry. I worried like billyo but my mouth healed up fine, just took longer than I'd have liked.

    Good luck! But you won't need it. 
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    Thanks for the responses. And I think I've pinpointed more or less exactly where the problem is.

    It's the bit where the dentist put the needle for the general anaesthetic to work. It doesn't seem to be healing for some reason. I do remember it being a bit painful when he did it.
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    Numbing up is local anaesthetic, general anaesthetic is when you're put to sleep.

    It is of vanishingly small probability that local anaesthetic has caused any reaction, it simply doesn't. It's incredibly safe. A bit of bruising occasionally with deeper ones, but I've never seen a reaction that needed to 'heal up' never mind not healing. 

    What might be possible is some sort of trauma. Either from biting it whilst the area is still numb, or a sharp edge or filling rubbing against the cheek now that a tooth that was masking that sharp edge has gone.

    Either way, if something isn't healing up as you'd expect, then either ringing the practice for advice, or a further appointment to get it looked at is called for. 
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    Thanks TS. I've got an appointment tomorrow and hopefully I'll get a reassuring response from the dentist.

    Btw, the area where the needle went to numb the area has more or less healed. So I guess we can rule that part out.
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    Went to the surgery today and it's closed for 10 days due to self-isolation 😭

    Funny thing is, they haven't added a day when they first closed, so I'm going to have to ring them daily to see if they're open and when I can re-arrange my appointment.

    Also, does anyone have any experience on how the inside of the gums should look a month after a bottom molar and pre-molar were extracted? As mentioned in my OP, the bottom part is rough and white. It's not painful, but I'm wondering if it's part of the healing process.

    I don't want to be anxious over nothing.

    Thanks guys.
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