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NHS Dental current treatment ban?

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NHS Dental current treatment ban?

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Hi, bit of a weird question but I cannot seem to find an answer online. Wonder if there are any experts or NHS dentists who could answer for me?

Broke a largish filling around April when all dentists were shut. Not an issue, no pain, just annoying getting food stuck in it all the time. Been brushing twice a day as usual and rinsing with Flouriguard. About 3 weeks ago, I managed to break another filling on other side. No pain from it either. Booked an appointment with my dentist for a check up which was today.

So I knew I would need the 2 fillings eventually. Have also developed a gap between 2 top teeth (age for you) that he said could do with filling. He also said about removing my last wisdom tooth. I did not even know it was a wisdom tooth and has not caused me an issue at all?
Anyway, not an issue with any of the above. My issue is with how the treatment would be paid for? He claimed that I could not get the work done on the NHS at the moment as there is a ban of some forms of treatment on the NHS? But of course he was willing to do it privately! Or I could wait for the treatment to become available again on the NHS, but he didn't know when that would be? Is this true? Is there currently a ban of some form of treatment on the NHS?
The receptionist said that on the NHS it would fall into Band 2 which would be £65.20. But privately the treatment plan total is £920!

I have no issue paying it if that is the case. But I'd rather pay on the NHS obviously at less than a 10th of the cost.

Anyone able to clarify for me?



  • ToothsmithToothsmith Forumite
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    This is the latest guidance from the Chief Dental Officer for England. The other nations have issued similar guidance. The CDO only has authority over what is provided on the NHS, not privately. 

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  • milliemillie Forumite
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    My son who lives in Bournemouth had a filling done today. I dont know what it involved because I did not ask him, but I do know that the original fulling came out a few months ago. He must have had it as an NHS patient because he mentioned it cost £65. 
  • ApintpleaseApintplease Forumite
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    I would imagine a gap would be cosmetic which is why its being offered only as private. My husband also paid privately for similar work

    Fillings are totally possible as NHS, Im just off the phone from my dentist - got a text to say they are now seeing us who were cancelled in the first lockdown and to ring for an appointment. They thought they were doing just my annual check up but I also broke a tooth so advised them and Ive been given a date for 2 weeks time. I got asked a lot more questions but they are now prepared that Im going in for a filling. A guy I work with uses the same dentist, he broke a tooth before Christmas but had severe pain, was given an appointment immediately  and it was temporally filled, with an appointment the following week for the permanent filling to be put in
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    I'm in Scotland. Had a dental appointment this week and have an appointment to go back for a filling. It's NHS and that wasn't an issue.
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