Cheap and practical lo-carb recipe for lunch @ work

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    Alcmene - How do you make low carb rolls? is there a recipe anywhere pls?
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  • Low-carb rolls: just use almond flour instead of bread flour. This can be purchased, or just make your own by blitzing almonds in the food processor until they're dust!
  • Can u please post the recipe for these rolls please! I too am very interested! Many thanks!
  • Can you have avocados? My favourite lunch is a sliced avocado with olives, sliced red and yellow peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes and whatever else is in the fridge. Top it all off with some lemon juice and black pepper and you're laughing.

    Get the avos from the market though as supermarket ones are rip offs (except Morrisons, oddly...maybe they've started growing them in Yorkshire).

    I LOVE this, I do something very similar. Avocados are great! I also do a watercress and papaya salad thats nice but more summery.

    For the winter months soup are freezable and easy to reheat.
    I also make the Hairy Biker's chilli salad bowls. Even without the tortilla (and cheese if you want to be more healthy) they are delicious and you can freeze the chilli then serve with a little salad.
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