Online Health Advice/Diagnosis

I know there is nothing like direct advice from a GP but sometimes they dont seem to have the time ( especially in these bad times ) to talk in detail.
I am guessing no but ..are there any genuine sites which you can ask/talk to genuine health professionals about symptoms etc


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    There are various private online only GP services, often with their own App.
    Also, most larger towns have a private GP clinic or two. Plus some of the larger private hospital groups (e.g Spire or BUPA etc) offer private GP consultations. No doubt they too will be online whenever possible in the current situation.

    Last time I looked the going rate was around £100 for half an hour (face to face or online). Some of the app based services offered shorter appointments quite a bit cheaper for simple issues.

    Remember any prescriptions issued would be private so you would have to pay for the medication at the pharmacy. Also tests would be chargeable so costs can mount up. 
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