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Happy New Year forumites. I am looking to purchase a mineral foundation and eyeshadow as I feel it is time to revamp/update my look. In the past I have used Jane Iredale but found it very expensive. I was wondering if anyone uses the brand and if you like it, and which products you would recommend. Thanks 


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    Never used it but there were always great reviews  on beauty forums that did.use it.
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    I've used it before but it didn't sit well with my skin.  They used to do a lot of sample packs so maybe see if you can get one to work out if it's best for you.  There are lots of mineral makeup companies out there now, Bare Minerals being probably the best known.  Personally my favourite is Lucy Minerals, a small independent company based in the US but sometimes shipping can be a little steep, but one pot lasts for a very long time even with daily wear.
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    I bought the sample pots and liked the coverage, I am an old bird, therefore, my skin has to be well hydrated to use mineral powders. Whilst testing then I came across Youngblood (Aussie) brand at local salon and bought a couple of pots of that as they were changing their stocked brands, I did buy Lily Lolo Flawless Silk finishing powder and like that.   I tend to use liquid foundations in the Winter and mineral late Spring Autumn.  Bare Minerals does or at least did contain talc and their powders and eyeshadows make me itch.
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    The mineral foundation has been my go-to for a few years, I like that it’s pretty matte (other mineral foundations I’ve tried have either been a bit too sparkly with light reflecting particles for my taste, or my skin just wasn’t happy with them - I also itched with bare minerals). My very sensitive skin was happy wearing it all day every day back in the days when I went into the office and wore foundation daily, and it’s a good colour match for my pale skin.

    I think I got maybe a week or so of wear out of the sample pot, it’s definitely worth ordering some of those and also doing a bit of research into what shades are most likely to work. If I remember rightly there was a big thread on their site where they gave advice based on which shades in other foundation brands you wore.
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    Thank you Ruby Eskimo, Maddie May and astrocytic kitten. I have very sensitive skin so I will try and get some samples and see how it goes. I do love wearing make up and having been trying to keep it up during lockdown. Mainly because I want to use it up before it goes off.
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