Warburton's Potato Cakes

I will not be buying Warburton's Potato Cakes ever again.
They taste awful and dry even when I put plenty of Flora buttery on them.
They made me very thirsty all day. No surprise when they are packed with salt.
Anyone on a low sodium diet shouldn't buy or eat these if offered.
I bought the Sheldon's potato cakes a few days ago and they are nicer in taste and texture and much less salt.


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    I have to read food labels all the time due to dietary requirements and just wondered OP why you bought something with a fairly high level of salt if on a low sodium diet? I’m on various dietary groups and am often amazed that people who need to be aware of what they eat seem to be unable to interpret the new labels, and this worries me, I have long thought that if there could be some guidance or support about label reading when’s person is diagnosed with something, then a lot of problems could be avoided.

    OP leaving aside the taste of these try Googling for a group or a UK web site that can talk you through intake levels and how to read and understand food labels. Normally I would suggest asking for a referral to an NHS dietician but this is now near impossible, so you may have to do some research yourself.

    if your health requires you to monitor the contents of processed foods then it is worth setting aside some times to learn how to scan labels and instantly pick out the pertinent information. 

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    I'm not on a low sodium diet.
    I'm just saying they wouldn't be suitable for those that are on one.
    I have heard that Rankin's potato farls are quite nice too. I might try some.

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    Pretty much all processed food contains shed-loads of salt as well as all sorts of other preservatives, as they're used to both enhance the flavour and prolong the shelf-life.

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    Why not just make your own. 
    They take minutes to make with minimum effort,
    you know exactly what is in them and probably half the price.

    make the most of it, we are only here for the weekend.
    and we will never, ever return.
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    I remember trying Warburton's Potato Cakes once - an absolute insult to proper fadge.
    Past caring
  • Thirsty all day, how many did you eat? Sounds more like diabetes, have you been checked recently? 
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