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searching for specific competitions

Ive just returned to comping and I like to search for specific competitions eg Florida, television, ipad, smooth radio and when searching now nothing seems to be brought up. Has this search method ceased being able to be used?
Just about to give up!


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    Just seen you've had no replies.
    Search is so poor now it probably can't cope with up to 3 word entries. I know if I've tried this, for example, a particular prize, it shows no results.
     Even searching for comps by URL can be a challenge. Search won't find any comps posted in the 24hr period 7am-7am I think until they've been on the board for 24hrs.
    Also, the default setting seems to show all comps, replies and threads in all sub forums. You then have to edit the search to exclude replies, polls and sub forums, but the results are still pretty erratic, sorry.
    That doesn't really answer your question, but at least your know you're not invisible ;) x

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    Some other forums list prizes by type
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