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    Many thanks for your comments, especially @Toothsmith - it's reassuring to know that the 'Essex' smile is not the likely result of a 'mere' tooth whitening kit. It's interesting looking at the tooth whitening product and procedure adverts - often the models display exactly that - the Essex smile - which is misleading for those who do want one - thinking they can achieve it with the gels - and those who don't - ie. myself - being concerned that I'd end up something like that with the kit.
    Thank you @Goldfinches too for your comments - i'd like to think I do these already; ie. exercise, sleep, etc. And you are right, these are the starting blocks for both mental and physical well being.
    As it happened, we went for a Xmas day walk with OH and took a joint selfie - when I looked back on the photo later at home, I didn't think my teeth looked unnaturally white by any degree (photo taken in natural day light vs photo taken in the bright light in the bathroom) - so I shall keep going with my dentist's advice and carry on with the extra supplies which are about 2 week's worth. I have few nights off first and start again towards the end of next week.

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    @Toothsmith I seen in one of your recent posts that you are a dentist in a northern town? Are you able to share what kind of price is considered normal for that area to get teeth whitening like @Mrs_Z had done - custom tray with whitening gel.

    I'd love to hear back what you paid for it @Mrs_Z and how much they charge for extra gel.

    I was told my local northern dentist charges around £400 for the custom tray whitening which I thought was pretty expensive but it may actually be average or cheap? :#

    If the gel is cheap enough it might be worth the investment.
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