New "Commuting" jacket

Hi guys,

As above. I haven't properly commuted for over ten years but start a new job tomorrow and I'm in the market... the last coat, which I still have and use regularly was a North Face, but I need a refresh D

Waterproof, windproof, comfort are my main requirements.

What's about?


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    How far are you commuting? Cycling or office clothes? style of bike and Riding?
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    I'd be looking at North Face again, Didrickson (my current waterproof cosy winter jacket is a Didrickson) or perhaps Jack Wolfskin - are you walking or cycling as part of your commute? 
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    I’m assuming you are cycling and aren’t fully kitted out in Lycra. I have a short commute that I do in my work clothes and wear a very old Altura jacket which is still wind proof / waterproof. I like their night vision range with the reflective detailing. 

    I think you could do a lot worse than that. 

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    This is the Public Transport and Cycling board.

    It would be good if the OP gave us some clue to whatever mode of transport they are proposing to use.

    Train, bus, bike or something else.
  • Apologies! Right, I'm walking approximately 5k steps (whatever that is in m/km) either way and well as a little bit of walking between buildings during the day.

  • You can’t go wrong with Altura and Endura. Both are exceptional brands, not cheap but you get what you pay for 
  • You can’t go wrong with Altura and Endura. Both are exceptional brands, not cheap but you get what you pay for 
    I know they do MTB jackets which aren't the same fit as road gear but not really the best for someone walking to work

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    I’d be going for Jack Wolfskin if I was buying again. Last one I bought is the best weatherproof coat I’ve ever worn, has a zip-in fleece liner that’s good enough to wear as a separate item. Adjustment cords and tensioners all over it, absolutely brilliant.
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    If it's for walking commute, I really like the Uniqlo Blocktech range. Soft-shell material, withstands the elements but is not obviously 'active wear', smart enough for meetings and comes in a nice range of colours. Lacks pit zips so not ideal for more vigorous riding/running/hiking but great for everyday mobility. 
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