Hi, hope this is ok to ask here. This year we have started using a local window cleaning service, and also having milk delivered the proper way in glass bottles from a local dairy. But now we're coming up to Christmas it's dawned on me that I have no idea about tipping, the Christmas box as my mum used to call it.  Our window cleaner has 3 other lads work with him so all 4 do the house at the same time. I have no idea about the milkman as I'm still under the covers when he delivers. Can anybody advise on what might be expected please?


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    I’m not sure if the number of people doing the work makes that much difference? Its really up to them if its 1 guy doing 4 hours or 4 guys doing 1 hour each. I wouldnt be paying them 4 times as much for the later and I wouldnt tip them 4 times as much either. As there are more of them they’ll be doing more properties and so tip per house less but total tips about the same (else the guy is employing too many people).

    My folks always used to give a £5 to the milkman, window cleaner and binmen - guess with inflation that’d be £10-£15 these days
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    I tip tradesmen the same amount as people tip me for doing my job. Seems fair to me. 
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