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Bulk Buying From China / Wholesale

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I think this is an appropriate section?
I posted a while back about starting a plant nursery. Well I dabbled in growing herbs, some plants, and learnt a lot this year! That was my lockdown - gardening, growing food. I love (especially) taking cuttings, and learning how to propagate different plants. Mostly this year I just practiced with mint plants because they are kind of the low hanging fruit for beginners, and a few other common herbs. I was making £1 to £2 a plant most of the time. Did a few different types. Advertised mix and match. Sold a few! Not a fortune but it was a few quid, and a lot of fun. Now the cold weather hit and I was wracking my brains for a new hobby AND it hit me that house plants are where it's at! Man the prices some of these things are up for (whether they're getting that or not is another thing but anyway). Rubber plants. £5, £15, £50, £100+ a plant depending on its size. Swiss Cheese plants £10, £20 a cutting. £10,... £100+ a plant, Devil's Ivy plants upto £100 for the long ones. Kind of a fun hobby too. Like you can pay for a semi-expensive / semi-rare plant, grow it over time and have it pay for itself whilst growing a catalogue.

Anyway enough going on about that. I want to bulk buy some pots from somewhere. Like I want to really scale this because these things take time to grow. I want to buy some hundreds of pots at a time for a good price but I'm a bit scam wary. What are the regular / renowned / safe sites / companies to buy from?


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