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Travellers arriving in England can cut 14-day quarantine by more than half with new... - MSE News


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    Problem I can see with all this, is people expecting to be able to use the NHS walk-in test centres.  I've delayed a holiday to The Canaries because we don't want the stress of paying for tests that aren't guaranteed to return to us in time for our flight.  In cancelling I've had several people tell me to just go to the NHS test centre, not understanding that you need to a fit-to-fly certificate that the NHS don't provide.  I can imagine people will have the same confusion on their return, expecting the NHS to pick up the tab for something that is now part of their holiday cost.

    I quite expect the news to be reporting on people being refused flights or tests when the lockdown ends and they try to go on holiday.
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    I don't really get the point.

    For short haul the cost of a test is very high in relation to how much you would usually spend on a holiday.

    For long haul if you get a good price on a trip then it may be the cost of the trip including tests isn't higher than what you would normally pay.  However, does this then encourage people to travel to destinations that they should be avoiding?

    Of course the thing is the travel corridor destinations keep changing so unless you book at short notice, you won't know whether you may need a test or not.
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    So really just for the rich.. I have a return flight home at Xmas bought with miles, so cost us only £35 each.. We're not paying £250 for cutting by barely a week!
    and if my experience of trying to do a test at the NHS walk-in centre a few months ago is anything to go by, I might not be able to do the test at all (threw up twice, had to be given 3 test kits, and the last one only did the nose) but still be charged for it.
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