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Switch from Commercial Supplier

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Switch from Commercial Supplier

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gleggeglegge Forumite
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I have changed the use of a property from a commercial office to residential home and now want to move from a commercial electrickery provider to a domestic supplier. Cannot get to the bottom of how to do this changeover. Any ideas? I’m trapped in out of contract business charges. Thanks. 


  • Robin9Robin9 Forumite
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    I suggest you initially switch to a supplier that does both - mainly the big ones - and talk to them.
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  • UnclaimedEnergyUnclaimedEnergy Forumite
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    Have you tried contacting your supplier? Do they supply both Domestic and non-domestic?

    As Robin said, if they don't, first thing would to get into contact with a supplier who does. Before switching and locking yourself into a fixed commercial contract though make sure you talk them through the situation.

    The main thing that needs to happen to change though is what your property/connection is classed as on Ecoes (Electric supply database). You'll need to have this updated to a domestic connection first before you'll be able to get domestic rates (again ,may be better with a different supplier if yours doesn't offer domestic tariffs)

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