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Any problems changing NHS GP surgery and complaining about GPs?

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Any problems changing NHS GP surgery and complaining about GPs?

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I am dissatisfied with two NHS GPs and the prescribing team at my doctors surgery, eg after having a pace maker fitted at the other side of the country while on holiday, and still having breathing problems, at the first visit with my local GP she said she didn’t have much time as she had to go to a meeting!  Hence:-

I wondered how long it takes to change GP surgery and if there is any significant interruption in service?

Has anyone complained about their GP and as I get the impression that doctors tend to stick together, I wonder if that caused any problems in the NHS.


  • EmmiaEmmia Forumite
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    I was forced to change GP when we moved house, as we were no longer in their area, having moved about 500m. We went from a fantastic modern practice, with a decent online booking system, to a place which is basically still in the 1990's in terms of online booking (you really can't) and rude receptionists - and a fairly high churn of doctors. Unfortunately the other nearest practice has closed down due to "prescribing irregularities".

    A new surgery is due to open in a nearby development, and I'm considering switching over when it opens.

    However, I didn't really notice any issues in terms of the transfer of notes, which seemed to work fine - the only (worrying) glitch was that they registered my mobile number against my husband's records (as well as mine) so I got text reminders for his appointments, and It took a couple of goes to get that rectified. 
  • suejb2suejb2 Forumite
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    I’ve changed doctors for logistical reasons when I married, rather than the service. Do you really want/ need to complain? It may open a can o’ worms but don’t let that stop you if you feel it’s right to do so.  
     In my doctors I praise and complain when I feel it’s the thing to do for either.
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  • SootySweep1SootySweep1 Forumite
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    All GP records are held electronically so there shouldn't be an issue transferring records.
    Have you tried talking to your GP practice to express your concerns to give them chance to resolve them ? 
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