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IPL at home

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Has anyone used these and had good results? 
They are currently half price in Boots and considering buying one, I had planned to use for some facial hair but not limited to, but I do have a couple of moles in my face which may get in the way depending how precise the machine is, but not sure if I could cover the moles with something?? 
I have suffered with PCOS but no idea what my hormone levels are like now but the hair is still an issue albeit better than when I was younger.
Any thoughts most welcome 
Thank you 


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    Yes, I bought the Philips Lumea a few years ago. I love it. It has made a huge difference . Make sure you have the right type of skin and hair . I first started using it on my legs and armpits. After a few uses the hair has stopped growing, not 100% , I still get a few here and there but barely noticeable. At the beginning I used it as recommended , I think it was a treatment every two weeks or so. Now I can go for months without any need for it. I used on my face as well, I was hesitant to use on my face but I'm glad I did, I only use it on moustache area and chin, before I was waxing, not anymore.  Once thing is that I have some blonde hair in my chin, it does not help on this, those ones I tweeze them out  .
    The negative about the Luema is that if you are working on a large area, say the legs, it takes a long time to cover and also you have to place the laser at the right angle on your skin or it won't work, it takes a bit of practice but it can be time consuming on larger areas. 
    Avoid the moles , just don't place the laser around the moles. 
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    Thank you, I'll have to give it some thought, I have a mixture of colour hair from blonde, red and dark. 
    I won a competition and had a free course of IPL when it first came out many years ago the hair was much darker and it did make a difference, but I couldn't justify £1200 at the time to pay for the second course of treatment.
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