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Changing order of thread

Hi, I haven't been here for a few years now,but wanting to start comping again. Can someone please tell me the best way to have the thread order and how to change it,think I had ending soonest in descending order?
Thank you 😊
thanks to all posters for comps and answers!!! :beer: good luck to all


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    The best way to sort the threads depends on how you want to do your comping.
    From your question, it sounds as if you want to comp by End Date i.e. you want to start with the ones ending soonest and work back.
    At the top of the main board, just under the New Thread button, there are 2 buttons - Sort New and Filter All statuses.
    To get the board sorted in date order you click on Sort New and select Closing Date. This puts the board in date order but with the longest dated first but you can't change the date order. To get to the soonest ending, you need to click to the last page, There will be a page or two of results showing an end date of 00/00 but then working forwards you will find those ending Today followed by each day in order as you work forward.

    Personally, I prefer to comp by latest posted comps regardless of end date and always start by using the url: https://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/categories/competitions-time?sort=new. (I have this saved on my Bookmarks bar). This puts the newest posted threads at the top of the board (As opposed to the Forum default, which puts the thread with the the most recent Post/Reply at the top of the board).
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