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M & S Christmas Food

I got a copy of the M & S Christmas Food guide through my door on Friday.
Wow it's not budget.
I don't think many will  spend £18 on a cheesecake this year that's extortion I hope it's breaching for that price.
I like Lidl especially the Christmas Food items.
The chocolate cottage looks great but sounds very fat and sugary.
I will be buying a turkey roast for my OH and son and a nut roast for me.
OH doesn't like Christmas pudding so we will have the deluxe new York cheesecake which we have had for the last three Christmases.
It's a really good cheesecake we put some mandarin segments and single cream with it.


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    Last year Mister CJ and I were seduced by the M&S Christmas Food advert which included the chocolate-topped panettone that they are selling again this year. We both love panettone, and I had an M&S giftcard last year (an incentive from a current account switch to M&S Bank) so we went mad and bought two of them. I can't remember what they cost but I think they were fairly expensive .... but they were sooo disappointing. Dry and tasteless. We fed most of it to the birds :(

    Other than that, I do quite like M&S food as an occasional treat, or when it's yellow-stickered!

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    Just received an email giving me a £1 off chocolate biscuits! What happened to the bottle of wine for early ordering plus the £40 deposit is excessive. I do like the fact you can change or add to order until 10th December by phone. My nearest store has already run out of time slots have to travel further afield. Plus Ocado are fully booked for Christmas delivery.
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    I think M&S food is a tad on the over rated side. They certainly know how to charge.
     Still, I don't live near one so I shall be 'making do' with what Aldi has to offer and I won't be complaining!!
    re the panetonne mentioned above- I'm fairly sure it is meant to make a great bread and butter pudding type sweet. I guess a quick google might have come up with a recipe to make it delicious! (basis of trifle?)
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    We often buy M&S Food at Christmas, and we love it. Some of it is very expensive, but a lot is affordable for a treat. £18 for a cheesecake though is, agreeably, extortionate. 
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