Bankruptcy & Redundancy

Evening all.
I am hoping to get some advice, I have searched around the internet quite a lot and cannot quite find the straight answer that I am looking for, I noticed there are some threads here with similar titles but again I cannot find the answer I am looking for.

I am currently declared bankrupt, and still a good 30 months away from my discharge.
I am possibly being made redundant next week, I am wanting to know whether I have to pay my (very small) redundancy package to the official receiver or if I will be able to keep the money to live off of to pay things such as rent, car tax/insurance, food etc.

The person dealing with my case is incredibly hard to get a hold of so that is why I am posting here trying to find an answer, I did find section "31.5.34 Redundancy payments – an after acquired asset" of an insolvency manual type thing, but it seems to be worded in some sort of legal way that is really over my my head and I don't understand.

Thanks in advance for any answers.


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