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I have looked at government information and nhs and even asked at my eye test last year but just got a shrug . 
I am now over 60 so qualify for free eye test but can’t make out if I have yearly eye tests can I have every second one free , every one free or none at all free because it will never be 2 years since my last test ? 
I was diagnosed with NON glaucoma optic nerve damage . The consultant advised yearly eye tests . After tests to rule out things like a tumour I was discharged from the clinic so have no one to ask there . 
Thanks is anyone knows . 


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    According to the following link, https://www.boots.com/opticians-offers/free-nhs-eye-test-vouchers under the question 'How often can I get a free NHS eye test?' in Scotland it is once a year for anyone over 60 and for the rest of the UK once every two years for anyone between 60 and 69 and once a year for anyone over 70.  In all parts of the UK if your health and/or prescription changes you could be entitled to more eye tests (which would be free).

    I assume from your question that you are not in Scotland. This would mean that if you get annual tests, at the minimum, you would get every other year free and pay for the alternating years, but if your optician decides that you need tests more often (than every 2 years) then they almost certainly will be free.
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    I'm under 60 but because my sister has glaucoma I have free annual eye tests as advised by my opticians and they will send me a reminder every year
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    Default NHS eye examination is every 2 years, but can be done more frequently under some circumstances. Best bet would be to contact your normal Optician and ask this question. If they believe annual examinations are advisable normally they will probably continue to see you every year under the NHS now you've turned 60. 
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    Thanks for link and replies . I don’t think there is anything to stop me having one free this year as I paid last year before I turned 60 and then ask the question again next year .
    Yes if I had glaucoma I could have free yearly tests but because the damage to my optic nerves is not caused by glaucoma I don’t qualify on that ground . ( cause unknown) . 
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    I have annual eye test since small cataracts appeared. My Specsavers optometrist put me on them. 
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    I've been having free eye tests for several years, even though I didn't qualify otherwise, as my brother has glaucoma. I didn't have to provide any evidence, Specsavers just took my word for it.  
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