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Getfreelancer... official discussion

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  • Hi there! Thanks for this info. I am looking into doing a bit of part time freelance - I remember looking at this site some time ago - it's encouraging to know that you have won a couple of bids and that they pay up.
  • wornoutmumoftwowornoutmumoftwo Forumite
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    If you are woried about doing a lot of work and not getting paid you can use the escorw facility.

    I have done about 5 pojects on here and now have a regular project writing articles, not a lot but i'm learning so I don't mind too much at the moment.
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  • wornoutmumoftwowornoutmumoftwo Forumite
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    I have used getafreelancer and yes some of the pay is poor for the amount of work but I won't do those pojects. I have been fortunate to get quite well paid work (I do data entry and article writing), and just before christmas someone I worked for in the summer came back with a big job for me, paid in advance.

    It doesn't cost a penny to sign up and bid, fees are applied when you are paid for a job (approx $5).

    If you're worried about doing wok and not getting paid then simply ask for an escrow payment before you start as this will be lodged in your payment area, then they send it through when the job is done.

    I'd recomend the site, but then I'm only doing it for a bit of money to pay debts off, I couldn't rely on it full time.
    Payment a day challenge: £236.69
    Jan Shopping Challenge: £202.09/£250
    Frugal Living Challenge: £534.64/15000
  • As a matter of fact the money Im being offered isnt too bad and I could do with it. Just a case of writing a few 500 word articles which I can do! You specify how much you will accept to be paid so I guess if you are depserate you bid low if not you bid realistically!

    I do a bit of freelance copywriting to supplement my income. I've looked at this site a few times. $2 per 400-word article? You've got to be kidding! I will never be that desperate.

    I do some translation work as well. As a non-professional translator without translation qualifications, I charge around £65/1000 words. A professional in the UK would charge £80+. That's for literary translation. Technical usually pays better. I've just looked at an couple ads under the translation section. The average bid for 4,600-word piece is $187. Depending on the subject, that's 2-3 days' work.
  • SazzyukrafcSazzyukrafc Forumite
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    I'm a fully qualified writer and I used to freelance on the side (no longer have time). I occasionally used for quick and easy jobs.

    There are quite a lot on there, but the pay is usually bad. I found that there were many people on there not qualified and with no experience happy to do lots of work for a couple of quid. So, I only used it when I saw small projects.

    I also recommend There are more professionals with experience like myself on there, so remember that if you do not have that.
  • I've had a couple of disappointing experiences on here where my bid has (supposedly) been accepted, and then I've had a message to the effect of "oh, we had bids at such and such - we're only prepared to pay that", and they've tried to knock me down to a lower fee, usually well below minimum wage when it comes down to it. Needless to say, at that point, I've politely declined.

    I've had a great experience with, and like as well, as mentioned above.
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