Not heard anything from the OR yet.

I’m wondering if anyone has any recent experience of how long they had to wait for the first contact from the OR? 
I had my bankruptcy order approved last Friday and I haven’t heard a thing since then. The paperwork stated that I should have contact within two weeks however it also said if I haven’t heard anything within 5 days I should contact them. 
Can anyone advise if the first contact is made via a telephone call or a letter or email? 
I’m dreading this part of the process and hate waiting especially when I don’t know which way the first contact will be made 😔
Thanks in advance for any advice. ☺️


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    Hi daisytaboo

    Firstly relax! My OR contacted me 2 days later had my interview the following day she was so lovely. Dont worry they will contact you its more likely gonna be via phone as mine did aswell. All the best x
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