P800 Refund- Married Aloowance

In early 2020 i applied for the tax refund re married tax allowance.  I receive a letter stating I was owed £235.60 for tax period 6th April 18 to 5th April 19.  I noted my tax code had changed C1375M.  
I tried to apply on-line but to no avail and put that down to Covid and demand.  I read that I would receive a cheque through the post in a couple of months, so waited patiently.
In October, 20 I had received nothing and decided to ring the Tax people.  They told me that my Tax had been Re-recalculated and I wasn’t entitled to any refund.
I asked for this in writing but I have not heard from them in three weeks.
Has anyone else experienced this?
What should I do next?


  • You cannot apply for Marriage Allowance and receive a tax refund.

    By applying you can only ever pay the same tax or more.

    Could you clarify exactly what you did (or what your spouse did)?
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    {Image removed by Forum Team}

    Does this clarify?
  • You might want to change the image as it shows your full name, postcode and part of your national insurance number 😳.

    But that calculation suggests your spouse applied for Marriage Allowance.

    If your original post* is correct then you are unlikely to be due any tax refund.  Your spouse applied meaning you had overpaid tax.  Then you applied and that will have cancelled any refund due.
    *In early 2020 i applied for the tax refund re married tax allowance

    Are you able to confirm who did what as that seems to be the crux of the problem.
  • Thank you.  Do you know how to delete images/posts?  :(
    I’ve slept since applying but I think you are right. My wife doesn’t earn more than £8000 and so I had my tax code changed from 1185L in march 19 then to C1250L by April 20 and now reads C1375M

    My neighbour did the same and received cheques for the previous 5 years???

    Why would the letter say I was entitled to payment and then not?

    Thanks for your help.
  • I’ve slept since applying 

    That is your problem.

    Anybody who applies for Marriage Allowance can only ever pay the same amount of tax or more.

    You may well be due £235 back but not if you applied.

    You need to say exactly who did what.

    Once you explain that then I can tell you how to get the £235.

  • My wife applied as she doesn’t earn enough to pay tax.
    I didn’t apply as Earn enough to pay tax. They adjusted my tax code. I pay basic tax.
    I then received that notification, stating I over paid my tax, as the allowance can be back dated.
    On the rear of the notification shows the calculations and the adjusted tax.  It shows that i over paid by that amount.
    When i spoke to the Tax people, they quoted the original tax bill not the revised one.
  • That is much clearer.

    I think you just need to go back to HMRC and specifically ask what happened to the cheque for £235.60 that should have been sent a couple of months after the calculation was issued.
  • Will do. I hoping to email them, so i can send documents. Would you know of such an email address? I failed to find anything.
    Thanks for the advice.
  • Why do you need to send any documents?

    You just seem to making everything much more complicated than it needs to be.

    Just phone them or go on webchat and ask the question as suggested

    Whatever you do don't say you applied for Marriage Allowance.

    And let us know the outcome as it will no doubt help others.
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