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I won a bag of coffee!!! But... had to pay postage?

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I won a bag of coffee!!! But... had to pay postage?

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hwg3141hwg3141 Forumite
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Hi all! Bit disappointing for me. Had an email entitled "Congratulations, you won!", and eagerly clicked on it. I had won a bag of coffee from a blog comp, which was nice. However, when I looked closer at the email, all it gave me was a voucher code, which, when applied to the checkout, still left me £4 postage to pay. I'm a bit gutted it's not a proper win, as there's no way I'm paying £4 postage for a bag of coffee - let's be honest - I wouldn't have bought for myself anyway (although it would have been a nice gift). I was one of 10 winners, as confirmed by the generic "And the winners are..." type of email that was sent out to all participants.

Sorry about that, needed a rant.
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  • goldfinchesgoldfinches Forumite
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    I am cynical about that sort of "win" and assume that the company is simply sending the same message to everyone they have an email address for as an easy way to increase sales. 
    Sorry you were one of the people they targeted and hope you've blocked them from emailing you ever again.
    You could always add their email correspondence address to a mailing list or two if you felt really narked.  ;)  :*  >:)
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  • Chyna-sChyna-s Forumite
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    This is why you need to read the T&C's before entering and the advice re. adding their email to a mailing list is childish and just bad taste.
    If a competition does not open please bookmark to try again later or open in another OS - please do not bump threads unnecessarily just to say this. Thanks :)
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