Race against time to become mortgage free

My consent to let my primary residence is running out by April with 0% chance to extend. I am having issues getting a BTL because of a confusing tax residency status which is stopping me from getting an expat mortgage and likely will prevent me getting a UK mortgage.

i am trying to get creative to clear the final part (less than £40k and likely less than £25k).

Do personal loans allow me to pay off this final chunk? I bank with First Direct and I know if can’t use a loan for a house deposit or buy a stake in a property but it doesn’t state about not using it for debt consolidation? I also have my mortgage with first direct.

i know I can ask them but I wanted to ask opinion here (I only see old threads on this topic), in the first instance rather than calling them up and risking the telephone advisor saying no because they don’t fully understand my situation.

Expect I need this for less than 9 months.

any help would be appreciated.

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