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Lloyds Not Sending e-DS1

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I need urgent help PLEASE, i had secured business loan on my property from Lloyds Bank. I have paid off all loan on 07/2020. We have applied them to remove their charges on Land Registry. But they says they are working at home due to COVID 19, they keep opening cases and escalating. But still lloyds charge is not removed on Land Registry. And i am buying new house with Santander mortgage, i have to remortgage my old property to use money as deposit. Due to charge on land registry. Other bank is not releasing the funds. And my mortgage offer is expiring on 28th October. I want to know is there any other ways to sort this issue? Santander already extended their offer for 2 months, and they will not extend it 2nd time, if i cannot sort this issue, i will be loosing about £20k and plus i will be loosing the house which i am trying to buy, which is £60k less than market value. My total loose will be £80k :(



  • canyum555canyum555 Forumite
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    What have Lloyds said when you have raised a complaint with them? or have you not raised a complaint yet?
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