Halifax mortgage offer

Hi I received my mortgage offer today stating special conditions as 
“You have declared an intention to pay some or all of your outstanding credit commitments. The mortgage advance has been assessed on this basis and it is your responsibility to ensure that these commitments are repaid. Completion takes place on the condition that such repayment takes place”
I only owe £250 on a credit care which I will clear next week, my confusion is that do they want me to clear my student loan as well because as far I am aware they already deducted student loan from pay slips and didn’t include that amount when assessed my affordability, can anyone advise. 


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    No just the credit card will be fine
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    I had the same special condition for my credit commitments to be cleared.. I had £300 on my credit card which like you I also paid off the following week. I have a student loan too but they didn't even factor that in so don't sweat it :) All the best on your new home!
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