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so we bought our house 4 years ago under the help to buy scheme. We are aware that you are not allowed to go ahead with any significant home improvements without prior consent from scottish ministers. 
We are looking to get our garage converted and we know that this won’t be accepted as only certain circumstances are allowed ( for disability etc).
I have read the terms and conditions that if we weren’t to get any consent we would end up paying back 15% of the final house value when we come to sell.  
If we were to pay off our loan first it would be a much greater short term pay out than if we were to pay the 15% equity share of new house value when we come to sell. Also if we didn’t do any improvements we would end up paying back more anyway as the house should’ve increased in value. 
I’m wondering if anyone has gone ahead with any home improvements etc whilst being under the H2B scheme?


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