Survey Sites are a joke with rejections now.

Simple questions like favourite colour or being told to select a certain option and when you do im rejected? How can i be screened out when i choose the answer you want? !!!!!! is going on.


  • this is why i dont really do Qmee anymore. pinecone is rubbish too. i barely get surveys with prolific nowadays.
  • Sometimes it's when you're getting through questions too fast - makes them think you haven't read the question properly. It seems counterproductive, but going super-slow can sometimes help!
  • I'm about to leave Pure Profile because of this - yesterday I got 50% through to be told "this survey is fully subscribed - you will be entered in our prize draw".
    Total waste of time - and it's happening almost daily.
  • p00
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    jlemaitre said:
    this is why i dont really do Qmee anymore. pinecone is rubbish too. i barely get surveys with prolific nowadays.
    For some reason Ive been able to do a few on Qmee this week. Maybe fewer people are doing surveys because of rejections, which I always had before.
    Pinecone I havent heard from in a couple of years and cant even get on my account now. Swagbucks doesnt send me a forgotten log in email after several attempts to get one. And I cant open a new account as my mobile number is on the old account.
    I dont even look at anyone else. Who wants to really spend hours trying to get 50p then getting rejected half way through?
    p00  x
  • Ipsos have just 'screened me out' after completing today's food survey, presumably because I ticked 'no' to the question at the end wanting access to my browsing history.  If they'd asked at the beginning I wouldn't have done the survey.
  • I tried a few of these and gave up for similar reasons. Emailed saying you're a good match and then rejected after every screening. Not worth the effort :(
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    Not screened out, but having just spent 35 minutes to earn 70 pence, I've closed my Pure Profile account.  Well over 80 questions to answer, having been directed to a website to read and navigate, and then directed there a second time to complete a practice application form. Total waste of my time.
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    I have always thought that you should get paid for every question that you answer so that way you would still earn even if you got kicked out for giving the wrong answer at some point.

    This would also stop all the qualifying questions at the start and they would ask straight out what they want to know.
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    I haven't encountered a survey site that wouldn't be a waste of time.. Answering the screening questions takes so much time that even if I do get a paid one eventually, the money vs time ratio turns ridiculous. 
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    Sometimes the favourite colour question is an attention checker. IF you read it, it is says what is your favourite colour? While we appreciate that most people will read through the question carefully some will not ,so here please choose the colour purple only...sometimes its  a country or a holiday destination or fruit and vegetables. Usually it is the second set of similar questions so one will be normal and one an attention grab. On some sites you cant undo the answer so its best to read then click not click then read.
    Its me Culpepper LOL couldn't sign in with the old ID so time for a fresh start....
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