Varifocal rip off?

Having collected my new pair of varifocal glasses what assurance do I have that they have the high quality lenses I ordered? The field of view is nowhere near as good as my previous cheap online purchase. There are no markings on the glass to confirm that they are actually the Elite lenses I ordered. How can I claim a refund if I can't prove they are substandard?


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    It is unusual for there to be no markings on the glass although they are sometimes very hard to see. Most experienced opticians have a remarkable ability to look through lenses at a variety of angles and know what make they are! So you could seek a second opinion elsewhere but I would try and avoid making your suspicions known as that may put the person on the defensive.

    In what way are they "nowhere near as good"? I have had problems in the past with middle / upper middle market varifocals and there can be trade-offs between different aspects of the lens. However it can depend on your prescription and particularly if you have a significant difference between your two eyes.

    I have had in the past both top end Zeiss lenses (didn't have to pay for them - long story) and currently SelectSpecs cheapest online varifocals and found both excellent. However I have had lots of issues with ones in the middle. Exactly where they sit on your face is critical too.
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    You're entited to have received the item you paid for. 
    "Elite" is an entirely subjective term however. Some people actually prefer cheaper lens designs. If you're not happy, return to the place you purchased them from and see if you can get the problem sorted.
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    As suggested, take them back to where to got them. I've just had a 2-month old pair of varifocals replaced by my opticians as the frame had been twisted when glazing them (I'd been back 3 times after collecting them) & they remade my prescription to fit different frames. With no extra charge.
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    Take them back the onus will be on them to sort the problem out
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    is the size of the lens the same as your other ones?
    If the style of the frames means the  lenses  are smaller or a different shape that may account for the more limited field of vision.
    Are the frames sitting properly on your face?
    Go back and explain to the optician.  
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