Petition for MSE re the forum changes

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edited 2 October 2020 at 8:45AM in Compers Chat Corner

MSE compers. PLEASE add your name below to sign this petition about MSE’s comping forum.


Following on from this discussion:


DO NOT use this thread to discuss anything. Instead, use this thread for any chat:


MSE compers, I hope you will add your name below to ask MSE to do the following:


MSE we ask that you please give us an update ASAP as to whether or not you plan to address the issues raised back in February, 2020 about the forum changes, and a rough estimate as to when you hope to address our concerns.


Our main gripes with the ‘new’ forum changes are on page 1 of this thread:


Those of us still using MSE’s comping forum are prepared to wait patiently for you to tackle the issues we have raised with you. We just ask that you keep us regularly updated as to what you plan to do and when.


Perhaps you could start a thread in Compers Chat Corner to keep us regularly updated about the work being done? We can then choose to bookmark that thread to receive alerts as to how things are progressing.


If you have decided not to address the issues raised, then please tell us that, so that we can each decide whether to move on or to stick with MSE as it is. Many long-term MSE compers seem to have already moved elsewhere.


If you are planning to address our concerns, then please let us know when we might expect to see forum improvements and which improvements you plan to make.


We are grateful to MSE for having housed our comping forum all this time. Those of us who are still here would prefer to be loyal to MSE and continue to comp from here. In return, we ask that you work with us to make the forum once again ‘fit for purpose’, keeping us fully informed while we wait for you to do this.


Thank you.

Anyone else miss the chat in Compers Chat Corner? How about we try to bring it back?

{{{{{ Imagine ALL the people sharing ALL the world }}}}}


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