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So my wedding was due to be Dec 2020 but has now been pushed back to Dec 2021. We are even talking about making it Dec 2022 as we literally have no money saved up now due to having to dip in to it to pay for rent and bills with me being out of work. So with no wedding for at least a year, if not longer, I want to sell my dress and bridesmaid dresses. One because we badly need the money more than we need the wedding items and two because having them around in the house is making me too sad. Is there anywhere I can sell them other than Facebook Marketplace or Ebay? 


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    I'm so sorry to hear about your situation. The worry is that you'll probably get back a lot less than you paid for them originally so you might be better to hang on to them if you can. There are marketplaces out there specialising in wedding dresses, not sure if they do Bridesmaid dresses too. Have a look at or or just google wedding dress marketplace as I'm sure that must be a few more.
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    I just found these sites too if it helps: or
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    I spent FAR too much money on my wedding dress, it was ridiculous. All the blogs and stuff say if it's designer selling it sooner rather than later, as they lose value and trends changed. I would also recommend take a flat fee rather than a percentage like Ebay!
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    My dress was from stillwhite- felt a bit more upmarket than eBay and you might get more for it. 
    I hope things pick up for you and you get to have your wedding x
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