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So ... I want to use this diary to track a few goals; the main one being to not spend £8000 of income over the coming months.  Some of the £8000 will be used to repay some past overspending on a credit card and the rest will be stashed back away in savings under the heading of For When It's Needed to replenish the safety net.  To kickstart this off,  £200 has been set aside today and having lurked for a while, years ago and more recently during lockdown, what better place to be than MSE B) Intend to add some more goals/musings later or over the next few days, but for now just wanted to get this diary up and running .


  • And fast forward nearly 6 months ...

    Current goals that I want to keep track of on here are:

    1. 3240 credit card int free .  Want to pay this off by the end of next March, although end of the year would be nice. So monthly payment needed from April is 270 for next March or 360 for year end.


    2. 2000  savings target - 683 in that particular pot at the moment so 1317 to go, which is approx 110 per month to achieve it in a year, which is my aim, or 147 pushing it for end of year.

    Look away now if you are in search of an interesting read as this diary is only going to be used to keep track of my progress.  Intend to update monthlyish.

  • Have revised figures for the end of March due to some Quarter 1 allocated spends  not spent - thank you Lockdown!

    So going forwards:

    1.  2560 - needs 214 per month  for repayment by end of next March or 285 for year end.

    2. 2000  pot now at 721, so 1279 still to be saved i.e 107 per month or 143 for year end.

  • Mid month update and figures currently stand at:

    1. 2080 - needs 260  per month from May for repayment by year end or 190 for end of March 2022.

    2.  2000 pot now at 839, 1161 still to be saved = 146 per month from May for year end or 106 for end of March 2022.

    All on track, so happy days.
  • SanguineGina
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    With May's payments now allocated:
    1. 1600 - leaves 229 per month from June for year end repayment or 160 for end of March 2022.
    2. 2000 pot is at 983 now, 1017 to go = 146 from June for year end or 102 for end of March 2022.
  • June update:

    1. 1440 - leaves 240 per month from July for year end repayment or 160 for end of March 2022.

    2.  2000 pot now stands at 1216 so 784 to go, which equates to 131 from July for year end or 87 ish for end of March 2022.

    I am inordinately happy about the 2000 pot because 916 of that pot is savings of savings! - Back in the autumn/winter I shopped around on our house insurance, broadband & landline, and cancelled papers that were being delivered but rarely read and thought that seeing as the money was previously being spent anyway, I would still pay it out into savings when it would have been due had I not altered things. Phew! Probably a less wordy way of saying all that but there you go.

    The other 300 of it was just some Jury service expenses and selling/changing back some unwanted commemorative coins that were doing nothing besides  laying around in a box.

    The initial feeling of wishing I had done it sooner once I realised the savings to be had on shopping around, lasted for approx as long as it takes to go wow! I naturally don't tend to dwell too long on things that can't be undone as now and the  future is all there really is to play for.

    It's bonkers in the scheme of things really but I love that little pot. ☺

  • SanguineGina
    SanguineGina Posts: 124
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    July's payments have now been made and balances are on track for end of the year so am going to go with that target.

    1. 880 - needs 176 per month for the next 5 months.

    2. 2000 pot is now at 1344 so needs 132 per month.

    It seems incredible that we are already in the second half of 2021, at this rate it will soon be ....🎄😜
  • August update:

    1. 600 paid so 280 left to pay = 70 per month for year end, but am expecting to have paid it by October.

    2. 2000 pot balance has increased to 1462 so 538 to go for year end target = 135 per month.
  • The 280 has been paid and not going to reallocate for the rest of the year, just going to have the spare funds available for whatever as spendy season is approaching.

    The 2000 pot balance now stands at 1645 after September transfers so 355 needed for year end target which is 119 per month.

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