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Just had notification of winning this comp - 
I do think Tolly16 may have a point though regarding postal entries. I checked the site to see a list of the entries i have made and this is the only one listed even though i have entered others


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    Lovely win, congratulations :)
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    Well done xxx 
    💖💖Love Comping,💖💖 In it to Win it.💖💖
    💖💖If I don't win its not the end of the world,theres always another one to enter💖💖
    💖💖Always be happy and congratulate those that do win💖💖
    💖💖Always Thank the original poster where's possible,💖💖 Thank you's goes along way💖💖 Good Luck Everyone💖💖
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    Great prize. Congratulations. 
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    great win,  well done smiley
    please be a responsible pet owner & spay/neuter your pets, too many strays & not enough homes for them sadly. k2u58ioz4c8e.png

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    Well done 
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    Regarding postal entries, I wonder if it might be worth contacting Ofcom or ASA? Especially with the recent Ofcom investigation regarding postal entries for ITV competitions.

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    i contacted   prizejar about  some things...

    iv had a friend tell me that theyve entered your comps postally..but that is not showing up the record of their
    entries..ive entered your comps postally hovv long is it till we see our postal entries show up in our
    record of entries

    and you say it must be a postcard stamped a FIRST CLASS stamp....surely it doesnt matter if its first or second class
    stamp. as long as it gets to you before the closing date

    their  reply

    There is also a postal entry route. You may enter by post by sending an un-enclosed postcard to PO Box 8162, Derby, DE1 9GU using a First Class stamp. You must enter the name of the site and competition ID number for the competition you wish to enter before the address for it to be valid. You will find this on the website in the terms for each competition. In addition, you must provide your full name and address, telephone number (including the area code if providing a landline number) and your email address. This information must be handwritten in order to be valid, and printed in legible English. You will then receive one entry for that competition. Please note that for a postal entry to a specific competition to be valid, we must receive it within three working days after the Closing Date of the competition. If you do not make a postal entry in accordance with our Terms and Conditions or we do not receive your postcard, then you will not have an entry made into the specific competition. 

    Postal entries are managed by a Third Party and each entry is assigned a unique reference number and added to the draw. If a postal entry is drawn as a winner, we are then given the winners details from the Third Party and PDF copy of the postcard sent by the winner. We then contact the customer and issue the prize. 

    Given this process, we do not register a postal entry in a customer’s account at unless it wins. 

    Each postal entry earns 40 Bonus Points. If you wish to earn Bonus Points for your postal entry remember to email a photo or scan of your postal entry to [email protected]before you post it. Full terms on the process can be found in Terms 5, 6 & 46. 

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