Coinmaster - Googleplay and trying to get a refund

Hi, No judgement please, I just require some advice.
While we were on holiday my daughter somehow managed to spend £169 via Googleplay on in app purchases for a few different games. I still can't work out how she managed to do it. She's 8 years old and as far as I can see it has always been and still is payment by fingerprint for my Google Account. 
I managed to get a few refunds from some of the apps but there is still around £111 outstanding which Google Play are not going to refund. I know that on paper, this is my fault for not ensuring the account was secure (I still cannot work out how though) but it's such a lot of money and I would appreciate any help anyone can offer or any experience anyone has in getting a refund in similar circumstances. It's a tough lesson for all of us but am hanging on to a shred of hope that there is a way of getting the money back somehow.


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    You have no chance of a refund .

    Downloading the games and agreeing to the term's and conditions means your authorised payments 
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    I disagree.  My 10yo saw her father type the password in and remembered it and then managed to spend £650 on Roblox last November.  I managed to get a full refund from Google Play. I also got £100 from my bank compensation as I complained the number of transactions (about 59 purchases within a couple of hours)  one after the other should have flagged as unusual activity. 

    They argued it was a legitimate purchase as the password had been entered. I pushed and pushed until they agreed to refund. I had to send a screen shot of every single email that arrived confirming the original purchase - they don't go to my day to day email but my googlemail that I don't really use. 

    Keep going, it can be done although how much of it was Roblox agreeing to the refund as opposed to Google Play themselves I'm not sure, but the refunds came from Google Play. Coin Master may have different ideas as Roblox is primarily a childrens game and CM isn't.

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