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Non COVID positive NHS experience

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About 6 weeks ago I tripped up at home and hit my head rather badly, just above my right eye.

Fortunately OH was close and called for an ambulance.
Took half an hour and they were wonderful.  Did a few tests and off we went to A & E.
umpteen tests, blood test, 3 BP measurements, 3 ECGs and a CAT scan later a lovely Dr reassured me the damage was all external and I could go home.

She brought me a big mug of tea and a sandwich and a phone to call OH.  At the moment families aren’t allowed in the ambulances or A & E.

The A & E staff were all wonderful 

I looked horrendous for weeks, a bit like the Elephant Man with a massive purple bruise

Follow up has been 1 GP phone chat and 2 nurse visits, all very positive.

There has been so much negative publicity/experience about problems accessing NHS services I thought you might like to read something a bit more positive. 


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    I had a positive experience 4 weeks ago, stupidly managed to cut my hand open with a saw, went to a walk in centre, was triaged within 45 minutes and all done within 90 minutes.
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    I fortunately have no direct experience of hospitals since March, but a colleague had excellent service at the eye hospital; a sibling was dealt with well at the local walk-in centre (away from home so unable to access GP surgery), and another friend broke a couple of fingers and has had good aftercare. 

    Am hoping this will extend to audiology as my hearing aid needs retubing and I'm overdue a hearing test. 
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    Such a nice thread - all my dealings (although not many!) have been pleasant. You don’t do the occupation for money, that’s for sure! Love reading the responses.
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