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Hi All 
So my 10 year old daughter Holly loves hot chocolate and whilst I usually treat her to Cadburys Hot Chocolate - she has recently tried a Belgian Chocolate little sachet and loved it so I would like to make her a hot chocolate hamper for Christmas but I am a bit stumped as what to put in it. Does anyone have any ideas what I could include in it please? 
Obviously Im thinking a new mug and I may see if I can find one of those little battery powered frothier things to help mix it. 
Anything else? 

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    A couple of Christmas' Lidl have had solid chocolate 'stirrers', the idea being you stir hot milk with it, and create hot chocolate in the process. Dare say not too tricky to make and dress up in fancy cellophane. Mini marshmallows would be good too, and squirty cream, sprinkles of various shapes and colours. 
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    In addition to the mug and frother you’ve mentioned, I’d say:
    • Mini marshmallows
    • A tiny grater and a hard chocolate bar for chocolate shavings on top
    • Candy canes to use as stirrers
    • Hot Chocolate spoons (the spoons with a block of chocolate on the end that you stir into milk)
    • Hot chocolate bombs (I enjoy these, you put the ball in your mug and then when you pour over the hot milk the chocolate outer bursts open and lots of little marshmallows bob to the surface)
    • Flavoured syrups e.g. mint, caramel etc
    • Or just different flavours of hot chocolate 

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    Do several different hot chocolates for her to try, you've mentioned a sachet, so include those or a tub if you can find it. I've been to Belgium at xmas time and the shops sell the little blocks of chocolate as described above that you stir into warm milk to create a hot choc drink. I've seen the blocks on sale occassionally here in shops like home bargains and B&M if you have them where you live. You could add actual Belgian chocolate, the continental supermarkets like Aldi and Lidl frequently have a relatively inexpensive range.
    Some sort of mini sweet packets to top off any whipped cream. I saw Freddo faces somewhere recently or I'm sure I've seen mini boxes of smarties, even if you have to split down to just add a couple. The Christmas chocolate aisle in supermarkets ight yield more suggestions.
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    Last week I saw that Aldi had chocolate stirrers- basically a chunk of chocolate on a stirrer (lolly stick?) that you stir into hot milk. Good Housekeeping magazine also had a recipe for these- and these were lolly sticks but they also used the pepermint candy canes that are readily available this time of year.
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