Everlast fitness previously DWsports


I am looking for a bit of advice, I visited a DW sports on Saturday 5th of September in hopes of obtaining a day pass to which they do not provide at current times.
I was informed the only way to get in was to join on the day but I have a grace period of 10 days to cancel if I did not want to continue the membership, I also checked the terms and conditions which states their is a cooling off period of 14 days to which I can cancel.

Regrettably I joined up had a work out and decided it wasn’t the right gym for me (hygiene reasons with current pandemic) I sent them an email that night (05/09/2020) I resent the email on the Monday (07/09/2020) to which I have received no response.
I have visited the gym to explain I do not wish to join to which I was informed I just have to email.

I have attempted to call to which I can’t get through.

Re-emailed today (09/09/2020) I emailed three different email addresses today the cancellation email, general enquiries and also the membership email.

What advice would you give now? I do not want to be roped into a contract to a gym I will not be attending and I have a funny feeling a payment will leave in October and I will hear nothing from all of my attempts at communication.
do I have a right to just cancel the direct debit? (If a direct debit gets started)

Apologies for babbling thank you!

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