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Money Moral Dilemma: Should I send back the pricey diet plan I got free?

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  • squirrel59squirrel59 Forumite
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    Once again: ¿que
    Judging by most of the so-called 'dilemmas' on this forum we have become a nation bursting at the seams with people who have lost their moral compass.
    Someone sends you something you haven't asked and/or paid for, you contact them for clarification. 
  • dancingmaster1651dancingmaster1651 Forumite
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    There are laws about unsolicited goods, without any question of the recipient's honesty. Look on SAGA website [sorry can't post link]. According to this site and elsewhere (Google 'unsolicited goods' for more) you can EITHER: let the company know in reasonable time (e.g. 2 weeks) you don't want them, and wait for them to respond with info within reasonable time about returning goods at no cost to you; OR wait for a long time without letting them know.
    If you haven't had response within reason (say 2-3 weeks for first option, or 2-3 months for second option), the goods are yours. 
    The SAGA site helpfully reminds consumers what unsolicited means, e.g. they're not unsolicited if goods are a substitute for something you did order, or if there's a simple delivery error which you could remedy by passing the parcel to correct address. 
    Mind you, if your 'diet' pack includes perishable stuff I'd definitely go for first option! Good wishes. 
  • penedawnpenedawn Forumite
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    You obviously know the answer by now. Either way as others are really saying, this is not a dilemma or moral situation. You by default rang and asked them if they would change what they normally sent. You had rung knowing the cost so when you gave the changes and gave them you contact and address that was an order and you are due to make payment. You did not ask them if it will change the cost for the change as you already knew the cost and it was assumed there was no additional cost at that point to send something different. You are legally bound to pay and they can take you to court for not doing so. That you did not have a bill is not unusual but it cannot be used as saying it was therefore free. However the first minute is to call them that there was not a bill and has anything changed. To consider it may be free is immoral. Yes, we love freebies but people are working hard to continue businesses and filling the gaps we need. Some do offer a freebie and some do offer smaller boxes or options but consider a food bank. They are free. If you think you it is only for those who have no food then why would you want to get someone who you said yourself is costly to send you something and then say it is a freebie because there was no bill? Go to to a food bank and be embarased by your thoughts.
  • XRATXRAT Forumite
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    Regardless of the financial aspect, there is no point returning foodstuff. It would only have to be destroyed, the company couldn't risk reselling it. Don't add to the foodmiles, eat it. If you like it, you'll order more.
  • ImHappyImHappy Forumite
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    For me it is simple, phone them, tell them what has happened, and ask what they would like to do. Most companies will say keep the goods especially if the value is less than the cost of collection. Either way, you sleep soundly with a clear conscience.  
  • crmismcrmism Forumite
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    By the looks of it, you were sent a complementary pack as a taster in the expectation and hope that you would become a regular customer. Had that not been the case, you'd have received an invoice, so I shouldn't worry about not getting one if I were you and I wouldn't bother to contact them again.
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