Improving appearance of old teeth for grandson's wedding

I am not as young as I was and my teeth reflect it. An overbite caught up with me a  few years ago. I lost a molar on the right front when it cracked verticslly into the root. I had already had a nearby broken tooth extracted several years earlier. Now I had two gaps on the right side near the front close together.  I consulted a dentist who said it  would take more than an implant or two to restore my smile  - apparently the overbite would erode any temporary repair. He said the only viable option was to realign my teeth and install several implants. This would cost a five figure sum and take several months of treatment. 
As I had recently been diagnosed with early cancer at the time,  radical dental surgery did not seem like a good idea. Fortunately my cancer surgery, earlier this year was successful. Only now of course there is coronavirus to deal with. I lead a quiet life anyway and am past pensionable age, so i decided to live with the overbite and the gaps and to save up the five figure sum to leave to my grandchildren in my will?
The point of all this is my grandson recently got engaged and wants me at the wedding next spring. I want to look my best at the wedding. Is there anything I can have done, on a limited time basis,  to spruce up my teeth so that I can turn up at the wedding appearing to have a complete set of shiny functioning gnashers.


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